Castres (15 mn)

Lovely small city of Tarn with pretty houses along the river Agoût.
Go to visit the Goya museum, the gardens of the "évêché" (designed by Lenôtre) or the Park de Gourjade.
During the summer, many events and festivals in the evening.

Albi (50min)

Visit the unique and impressive fortified Cathedral Sainte Cecile, or the Berbie Palace (former Albi Archbishops palace).

Sidobre and his granite (30min)

On the road of the Lakes, the Sidobre surprise you with its chaos of granitic rocks.
These rocks many different forms and curious are part of the "National Park of Haut Languedoc".
During the walk, you will discover rocks sculpted by water over the time, giving them strange shapes.

The little train at "Saint Lieux les Lavaur" (30 min)

Do not miss visiting the Tarn countryside aboard the "Tortillard", an authentic steam train from the early 20th century.

Martel gardens (15 mn)

Wonderful English-style garden. (the Tortillard steam train goes there)
Ranked among the most beautiful parks of France. Small farm for children.


Our typical villages

Do not miss also our typical charming villages
Durfort and brass (30mn)
Lautrec and his mill (10mn)
Soreze and its abbey school (1h)

Carcassonne (1h15)

The City of Carcassonne is well- known as a fortified medieval town; but this rocky outcrop has been inhabited by man since the 6th century BC, first as a Gallic settlement, then as a Roman town with ramparts from the 3rd - 4th century AD.
During the second half of the 19th century, the city was rebuilt, led by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc and nowadays is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cordes sur ciel (1h15)

One of the most beautiful villages of France also called the "Mont Saint Michel des Terres", medieval city from the 13th century and also stopping-off place of the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela.

Gaillac (45min)

The vineyard extends over more than 4000 hectares and offers a wide range of red, white and rose grapes.
Enjoy visiting cellars and treat yourself buying good bottles of Gaillac wine.

Toulouse (50min)

Toulouse the nickname ‘La Ville Rose’ (The Pink City) “La cité de l’espace” : explore space in a new way and discover all the secrets of the Universe.
The giant cinema screen, high as a six-floors building and the Planetarium are amazing! Become a passenger on a journey to the border of the cosmos, great time guaranteed !
Discover full size spacecraft : who can get that close satellites and spacecraft?
So far, only a few astronauts and space engineers, but now, it’s your turn!
Close to Toulouse, the African Safari, the zoo and the African reserve of Plaisance du Touch, offers the opportunity to discover by car and by foot, more than 500 animals as well as a beautiful sea lion show !

Hautpoul (40min)

A Cathar village perched on a rocky peak.
A pleasant stroll, especially if you go over the new suspension footbridge 70 metres above the valley.
Guaranteed strong sensation.



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